1.You can not live without the beach

2.You`ve worked at least one summer in Golden Sands

3.You hated working in Golden Sands…

4.You prefer going to a “summer disco” :)

5.When you were under-age you never had problems going to a ’summer disco’

6.You used to get drunk in the Sea Garden (before going to a “summer disco”)

7.You used to get high in the Sea Garden

8.And after that you always ended up on the beach

9.You rememver “Lido” and the ‘пяна парти” in Comics

10.You meet with your friends at ‘Sevastopol”

11.After a drunken night you go to Godzila

12.When you go for a walk in the Sea Garden you always pass on the ‘bridge of wishes”

13.You know the Dolphinarium is very famous but you`ve been there once…as a kid

14.You know what “шано” is

15.You`ve given at least one cigarette to the guy that plays the pipe next to “ХЕИ”

16.You remember when “ФК” was the only cinema in town

17.As a kid you used to go to “Casablanca” on every special occasion (such as 24 May, 15 Sept )

18.You don`t like snow..

19.And you don`t see much of it in the winter

20.But you can always feel the wind :)

21.As a kid you loved jumping from “Първа Буна”

22.You think Vladislavovo should be part of Dobrich
(no offence:)

23.You know where “Улицата на Глада” is

24.You like going there at 4 a.m

25.”Валентина” used to be a fancy shopping center when you were young but you can not remember the last time you`ve been inside

26.You hate all the damn tourists that come to YOUR city during the summer season

27.You used to sit outside the ‘LOOK” cafe and just observe the people at ‘Sevastopol”

28.And then curse the damn 409 bus…

29.You used to enjoy going to “Exit” and dance to the stupid YMCA song

30.You even do the dance now everytime you hear the damn song..and you think it`s amusing :)

31.You know where the “bubble gum tree ” is .

32.You used to buy vodka from “мазата” before getting drunk in the Sea Garden

33.You are proud to be from Varna and you don`t give a damn when people from Sofia think you have a funny accent

34.People from Sofia have a funny accent. Period!